Hi, there! My name is Anna María (she/her/hers), and I'm a Greek and Puerto Rican artist and activist with an abiding passion for the intersection of art and social justice. A proud UT Austin graduate, I studied journalism, business, and theatre/dance and freelanced for lawyers, lobbyists, companies like C3 Presents, and more. Now, I'm a full-time editor at The Daily Dot — where I oversee and write coverage on underserved communities — and a co-organizer of Mutual Aid Houston, a grassroots organization dedicated to serving Houstonians in need.

I am also an actor, singer, dancer, director, and producer, and am proud to be an active member of Texas' artistic community. I helped build The Quarantine Series, one of my many initiatives to help make the arts truly inclusive and accessible, and I regularly perform onstage and onscreen in Houston and Austin. When inexplicably presented with free time, I can be found reading, playing guitar or piano, or flying on aerial silks.


Sensitivity readers vet creative works for social bias, misrepresentation, or otherwise harmful content relating to marginalized identities and experiences. These readers act as consultants, not editors—they help cultivate authenticity in art without stymying any creative processes.

While 'sensitivity reading' is a relatively new job most frequently associated with the literary realm, I firmly believe all art should be combed by at least one such expert. This is why I have, for the last several years, offered my sensitivity expertise at casting tables, in design meetings, at play workshops, in screenwriters' rooms, and more. It's been a genuine pleasure to help countless writers and production teams add nuance to and cut unintentionally offensive content from a wide variety of works.

I truly cannot overemphasize the importance of having a well-trained eye seek out cracks in your creation that you may have no way of seeing. Please feel free to  reach out  if you have any questions on sensitivity reading or would like to chat about me consulting your work!